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Eric & Emily Barker love to be able to help people whenever they can. They both volunteer much of their time to the betterment of their community and other people as a whole. They love the beach; which is why they decided to get married on Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, CA in May 2008. A couple years after they were married, they adopted two boxer dogs, Leia and Brutus. (You will see glimpses of them if you follow South Bay ClearVue on Instagram and Facebook) Eric and Emily also love to go camping with their family and the occasional trip to Disneyland. Eric is an avid car enthusiast, and as such, spent the first 17 years of his working life painting cars for various body shops in Northern California and around the Bay Area. The attention to detail and finesse required to paint cars lent itself perfectly to the glass scratch repair business. With Emily’s 12 years of experience in business management and operations, it only made sense for them to start their own business together. In so doing, Eric and Emily have been able to do what makes them both the happiest; spending every day with their best friend.

We guarantee our work. If it doesn’t look like new, you don’t pay for it!

We specialize in glass restoration and scratch removal. We use a specialty system to restore the glass instead of it having to be replaced.

We can restore scratches, graffiti, hard water stains, acid etching, etc. Most glass companies will tell you this type of damage requires a replacement pane of glass, but why replace when you can repair?

The typical time to replace a pane of glass is 2-5 days. For a business that takes great pride in their company and the appearance of their property, that is an unacceptable time-frame. At South Bay ClearVue, we offer same day service. In addition, we can save our customers hundreds, even thousands, in replacement costs.

What type of glass can be repaired?

  • Tempered
  • Annealed
  • Mirrors
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Automotive

What type of damage can be repaired?

  • Glass Scratches

We restore scratched, graffitied, and damaged glass to look like new. This saves both time and money by avoiding replacement of an entire pane of glass due to a small effected area.

  • Hard Water Stains
Do your glass doors and windows have hard water or chemical stains? These can be restored to their original shine and clarity instead of incurring the high cost of replacement glass.
  • Acid Etching
Most glass shops will tell you that once glass has been damaged with acid there is nothing you can do but replace it. However, that is not the case. We restore it so you would never have known it was there.

What is the process?

We use the tried and tested GlassRenu system for all of our repairs. This system uses specialty grinding discs to lightly sand and polish the scratches out of the affected area to remove the scratch from the surface. Once the scratch is gone, another specialty pad and compound is used to polish the glass back to its original shine. The best part about this system? No chemicals! We are a completely green company.

More questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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Disclaimer: *like new – Referenced above to industry standard for new glass

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In fact, the glass is actually weaker in its scratched state

Not if the repair is done correctly. When done properly, you will not even be able to tell there was a scratch in the first place.

Yes. The repair process removes only a minute amount of actual surface, so multiple repairs are not a problem. However, if our customers are having to deal with repeated graffiti, we may make other recommendations to prevent permanent damage and the need for repeated repair.

No. The glass stays in place throughout the entire repair.

Only if you want to be. We are completely mobile and self-sufficient.

As with any sanding, there is a certain amount of dust to be expected. However, we come prepared for that too. Whether inside or outside your business or home, we leave the area cleaner than it was before we arrived.

No. We do not do any sort of crack/chip repair or window replacement/installation. This is not exclusive to cars, we do not replace or install any type of glass on or in anything. We only do repair.

The price is based on the replacement cost of the entire pane of glass. Generally, repair cost is roughly a third the cost of replacement. For additional information, click here to schedule a free consultation.

Hopefully they do not need our services that frequently. We are typically only called out when needed.

We do not charge for on-site estimates, unless it is outside of our service area.

There is a $100 charge for an on-site estimate that is required to be paid at the time of the estimate. If the customer books the job, their final invoice will be credited the $100 for the estimate.

Don’t see your question here? Contact us! We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.